Our fridge is cluttered, but we love magnets.   That’s why Karma and I jumped on idea of having a “save-the-date” magnet.   I still have a magnet from Mr. and Mrs. Ishak’s wedding.   Karma and I were engaged on February 23, 2013, and when we told friends that we were planning to get married on September 28th, everyone told us that was soon.   Well with four months to go, we have made good progress.   Karma picked out a dress in one week.   It took me longer to pick a tux  (a month or two with several visits to Bloomy’s) plus advice from a dear Mr. Lynton.   We have the location of our Church and the hotel for our reception, and plans have fallen into place.   The next step was to let you know of our plans so that you may join us.   Hopefully, you received your magnet which led you to this site.   Karma and I will be posting every so often so please follow us.