A grey-bearded man in white garb speaks Vedic Sanskrit verses that are more than 5,000 years old.   Karma and I exchange garlands.  We pour oil, ghee and other offerings into the fire to garner the blessings of the Lord.   We take turns leading each other around the fire for a total of 7 times.  Each circle represents a vow to each other.

  • First step: To respect and honor each other
  • Second step: To share each other’s joy and sorrow
  • Third step: To trust and be loyal to each other
  • Fourth step: To cultivate appreciation for knowledge, values, sacrifice and service
  • Fifth step: To reconfirm their vow of purity, love family duties and spiritual growth
  • Sixth step: To follow principles of Dharma (righteousness)
  • Seventh step: To nurture an eternal bond of friendship and love

Karma will wear a rich traditional lengha cholisuit and wedding jewelry.   She will have mendhi (henna) on her arms and legs.   I will wear a long sherwani.

Karma and I will have a Hindu wedding ceremony on August 29th in Morgan Hill, California at the home of the Panwala.   More details to follow.